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Buying the Perfect Diamond Ring

People often take the traditional route when shopping for jewelry. Engagement rings under $5oo particularly, are best looked at up close. But if you don’t exactly have the luxury of time to personally visit a jewelry store; it’s still possible to make some amazing purchases just by checking online. It’s just a matter of knowing exactly what you want when searching for that perfect diamond ring.

Authentic engagement rings under $500 may seem very rare, but they do exist. Here are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind next time you shop for some bling.

Check the cut quality

A diamond’s cut doesn’t just pertain to its shape, but it also refers to how it was sliced as well. If you’re going to look at a diamond closely, you’ll notice that it has different edges and faces. The different facets are all elements that lend to a stone’s shine. When a diamond is cut properly, it allows light to reflect, giving you that clear maximum shine. With this in mind, a diamond that was poorly cut won’t be quite as brilliant as the high end stones.

Look at color carefully

Colorless diamonds are a girl’s best friend so if you want the best, look for the D, E, and F rankings. These rankings describe how much light bounces off the stone so if you want your diamond ring to shine, look for diamonds that have very little or no color at all. The color scale ranges from D to Z, with Z being the poorest reflector of light. While your budget may not permit a completely colorless diamond, you can still buy high grade stones by keeping an eye out for jewelry deals online.

Be careful with clarity

As you can already probably tell, there’s a lot more to picking out the perfect diamond than meets the eye. Oftentimes, it’s the things that you can’t see that makes a diamond even more valuable. The less flaws a diamond has, the more it will command a price so if you’re buying a diamond ring in the hopes that it will be worth a small fortune someday, invest in the “FL” or “IF” grade. If you have the money to spend anyway, try to stay as close to the top of the grading system.

Don’t get too hung up over carat

The carat or the weight of the stone may add some value to your diamond, but that doesn’t give you a reason to get too hung up over it. Before you order the largest stone you can, take a minute to think about the person you’re giving it to. Big diamonds have the tendency to look ostentatious and even a bit inappropriate in a casual setting. Keep your diamond ring classy by pegging it down to a .95 or 1 carat stone.

Don’t do this alone

Buying engagement rings under$500 can be very daunting and exciting at the same time. While you may feel pressured to spend beyond your budget, you don’t have to go about this alone. Don’t forget to bring along your reinforcements (well meaning friends and family) when you shop around for a diamond ring. This way, it will be easier for you to pick out a ring that everyone can be happy with.