Synthetic Diamond in Engagement Rings under $500

As the popular Marilyn Monroe song goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This is the main reason why diamonds are the most popular stone of choice, as far as engagement rings are concerned. However, not everyone can afford a diamond ring. If you are cash-strapped, can you still be able to mark your proposal with a special piece of jewellery?

Don’t worry because engagement rings under $500 will come to your rescue. These rings use synthetic diamonds that look and feel just like the real ones. The main difference lies in their price. Since they are not overly expensive to manufacture, they are used to add shine and sparkle to engagement rings under $500.

While some people will say that it is in poor taste to give the love of your life synthetic diamonds, most people will contradict this and say that it doesn’t really make a difference. After all, the spirit of your proposal and your engagement does not depend on the jewellery that you will use to mark the occasion. Going with a synthetic diamond ring will also be the more practical choice, because you will be able to save money for this new chapter of your life instead of breaking the bank in one go.

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